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Express Locksmith offers emergency locksmith services in Brooklyn specializing in Security Camera and Video Surveillance cameras. We are leading company for locksmith services in Manhattan catering to all the five boroughs of NYC for over 20 years. We offer 24/7 commercial, residential, and automotive locksmith services with 50+ licensed locksmith specialists. We can install our security & surveillance systems to protect you and your valuables. For emergency lockouts call our specialist anytime.

Affordable One-Hour Record Safes Gardall

Affordable One-Hour Record Safes Gardall Express Locksmith
Gardall offers a full range of one-hour record safes, for residential or commercial use. All five models are available with an attractive two-tone glossy finish. U.L. 350° one-hour label where designated (fire and impact tests). Center bolt-down hole is standard Hardware included 1-shelf/1-tray models 1612-2517 2-shelves/1-tray models 3918-4422.


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